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Fancy Feathers and Fur

Professional Dog Grooming Salon and Retail Store


18 Sellwood Street

Holt ACT 2615

Phone: 02 6254 2323 or 0412 644 380 to make an appointment.

Fancy Feathers and Fur is a family run dog grooming salon, taking care of Canberra's fur kids since 2009. We are salon based and provide one on one care from head to tail.


Your dogs comfort is of utmost importance to us. If your dog is social they can run and play with my dogs and other customers dogs or if they are more on the timid side they will be placed in a large pen on their own or if need be in their own large crate. They are all in the salon workshop with me so they are supervised at all times. Dogs can stay all day if you need to go to work or you can pick them up straight after the grooming session.

We always use top quality equipment and products. Your dogs health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. We have a professional range of shampoos and conditioners for all types of coats and skin conditions. I do not cage dry, your dog is fully supervised for the entire grooming process.

We recommend your dogs go on a regular grooming program every 6-8 weeks to keep their coats in perfect condition, clean and knot free.